Les jeunes de la Section Américaine aident au lancement

Réalisation de candy

Saint Germain en Laye – Section Américaine du Lycée International – Le Conseil des étudiants aide au lancement de « Imagine for Margo »

Un grand merci aux jeunes, aux parents et professeurs pour leur soutien !!

Student Council Donates Proceeds from Candy Cane Sale

The American Section Student Council representatives organized a candy cane sale before the Christmas holidays. Proceeds from the sale have been allocated to a new NGO created by parents in the American Section, Patricia and Olivier Blanc. Their daughter, Margaux, passed away a year and a half ago from a rare form of cancer. Margaux’s sister, Floriane, is a Middle School student in the American  Section. Constance Gouelo, a close friend of Margaux and secretary of the Student Council spearheaded the drive.

Here is what she has to say:Numerous children suffer tremendously from rare sickness such as brain tumors. One child in 440 will have  cancer before the age of 15.  Somehow, without their family support, these children would be alone, left with the hardships of fighting these diseases. However, some parents are fighting back, through dedicated associations. With little means and a lot of energy, they are able to fund very specific projects making step-by-step progress towards finding a cure. After a courageous fight, my wonderful  friend, Margaux Blanc, passed away a year and half ago. She was  only  fourteen years old, just as I was at the time, and we had been classmates in New York. During her fight, Margaux helped raise funds for medical research and, for the first time in France, mostly through the Internet! In 2012, thanks to these initiatives clinical tests in pediatrics will begin in France on glioma.

We wanted to let her parents know that we are all a part of Margaux’s fight to fund research, because it could happen to any of our students, because they need our support, and because that’s what the American Section stands for. This is why, this year, the Student Council wanted to help Margaux’s parents launch their own association to fund research projects. The association will be created at the end of this month. With tremendous mobilization from all students through the “Candy Cane Sale”, the Student Council has raised around 600 euros to help Mr. and Mrs. Blanc launch their new project.

Thank you all.
Constance Gouelo (1ère)

A word from the Blanc family:
We would like to warmfully  thank the student council of the American Section for their strong support to launch our association. We are really grateful for their initiative to help us in supporting the research on pediatric cancer. “Imagine for Margo” will be launched mid-February ! Get the news and participate in our 1st running/walking event in Paris !…coming soon on www.imagineformargo.org

Patricia and Olivier, Margaux’s parents