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The association « Imagine for Margo – Children without Cancer », created on November 26th, 2011, is a recognized public interest organization intended to lead awareness and fund raise activities for European research in support of specific, innovative and more effective treatments for childhood cancer. In addition, it provides support to affected families and contributes to the well-being of hospitalized children.

We have obtained a written ruling from the tax authorities, thereby providing assurance to our donors that contributions are tax deductible.

The statutes were published in the “Journal Officiel” of 17/12/2011.

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Statuts Imagine for Margo

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Amount collected at the 2017 “Children without Cancer” race for the research : 1 625 000 euros

Amount collected at the 2018 “Children without Cancer” City race for the research : 129 000 euros

Amount allocated to research since 2011 : more than 6 Millions euros



2018 – Patricia Blanc reçoit l’Ordre National du mérite

2016 – Prix Vanity Fair Les 50 Français les plus influents du monde

2014 – Prix Servir Rotary de Rueil-Malmaison Patricia Blanc s’est vu remettre le Prix Servir du Rotary ainsi q’un chèque de 1 500 euros pour les actions d’Imagine for Margo envers les enfants atteints de cancer.  

2013 – Prix des femmes Version Femina Patricia Blanc, lauréate du prix Version Femina pour la région Ile de France !
2013 – Fougère d’or Fourqueux Imagine for Margo a reçu la « Fougère d’or » de la Mairie de Fourqueux, qui récompense chaque année, lors de la cérémonie des vœux, une association ayant particulièrement marqué l’année.