Association statutes

Download the Statutes of Imagine for Margo

Deontological charter of the association

Download our deontological charter.

IDEAS labelisation

Label IDAES Imagine for Margo

In December of 2018, Imagine for Margo was awarded the IDEAS label, which attests to the quality of governance, financial management and the monitoring of the effectiveness of our action. It is a vector of trust for partners and financers (patrons, institutional players, philanthropists).



Executive board

  • Patricia Blanc : President, Margo’s mother
  • Didier Hauguel : Vice-President
  • Olivier Blanc : Treasurer
  • Anne Lewandowski : Secretary General
  • Corinne Rudloff : Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Valérie Bompard : Member of the Audit Committee
  • Eric Lewandowski : Administrator
  • Maddy Malaise Gaudinot : Administrator


The board

  • Patricia Blanc : President and Founder
  • Didier Hauguel : Vice-President
  • Olivier Blanc : Treasurer
  • Anne Lewandowski : Secretary General

The audit committee

  • Corinne Rudloff
  • Valérie Bompard
  • Catherine Fresne

DPMR manager

  • Pierre-Yves Demoures


Financial control

  • Auditors : MAZARS
  • Chartered Accountants : ECI


General meetings

Read the General Meeting resolutions from June 17th of 2021 (in French)