The pharmaceutical companies, researchers, regulators, parents’ associations meet together for the development of specific drugs for children and adolescents.

The annual congress of the BDA (Biotherapy Development Association) took place the 18 and 19 November in Paris, with the intervention of Patricia Blanc, President of Imagine for Margo.  The pharmaceutical companies, researchers, regulators, parents’ associations sitting in the same room – quite a unique situation!

Discussion of the European legislation, the “Creating Hope Act” in the US, the cooperation and the innovations with regards to treatments.

A plan of action was developed, with 4 work groups. Imagine For Margo participates in the work group in charge of studying a “European Creating Hope Act”  – in other words, how to make possible that specific drugs for children and adolescents are developed, and not just resorting to drugs for adults. A first proposition will be presented at the Senate by the law students of the Fac de Lille, on 15 February, the World Day of Children Cancer.

Patricia Blanc is also a member of the Steering Committee that will design and follow the evolution of the four work groups.

Much progress has already been made after our first intervention at the BDA meeting towards the end of 2011: there is more dialogue and willingness to cooperate. But that needs to move forward faster, and the cooperation needs to improve that we have the means to develop more and better specific treatments, more effective and targeted.

Pictures of the work groups !

Download the program of the two days : cliquer ici 

Download the speech by Patricia Blanc : cliquer ici