5th annual conference of the ACCELERATE PLATFORM

5th Annual Conference of the ACCELERATE Platform, Brussels, the 2nd and 3rd of March.

Together, researchers, industrials, regulators and parents, we were able to present the advances of the Research, work on ways to accelerate further and reflect on a new “business model” to invest in oncopedatry.

4 main topics will be worked on this year:

  • ACCELERATE access to the most effective treatments: finalize with the EMA the concept of prioritization of the molecules of the laboratories
  • ACCELERATE access to clinical trials: break the dogma of the 18 years old children and include the 12 years old in adult tests
  • ACCELERATE research funding: working on an investment fund on pediatric cancers
  • ACCELERATE academic research: accelerating the transition from the laboratory to the clinic

Patricia Blanc, member of the Executive Committee of the ACCELERATE Platform will follow this work in particular and we will inform you regularly about the progress.

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