8th edition of our FAST conference

On Saturday March 6, 2021, the 8th edition of our FAST conference took successfully place in a connected way, via Zoom.

Throughout the morning, we were able to discuss with the various players in research in France – doctors, researchers, institutions, parliamentarians, drug manufacturers – on the progress of research in pediatric oncology and the actions implemented at the French and European level to better understand and better treat childhood cancer.

Our great tanks to all the speakers who contributed to the success of this first connected edition, to all the participants, to Thierry Guerrier for facilitating the discussions, to Céline Bizeul for her testimony and to M&M Conseil for their welcome and support.

The e-Conference FAST Program


Some verbatims from the speakers of the e-Conference:

” Good morning everyone, I am delighted to welcome you for the 8th edition of our FAST conference. Alltogether, parents, associations, Foundations, doctors, researchers, institutions, parliamentarians and drug manufacturers, we can accelerate research on pediatric cancers! ” Patricia Blanc, President of Imagine for Margo


” The BEACON project has improved the overall survival of all patients, up to a 73% survival rate for two years on one of the four treatments offered. A great breakthrough for the treatment of high-risk neuroblastomas. ” Dr Marion GAMBART, CHU Toulouse (France)


” We must emphasize the urgency of certain diagnoses in children, the importance of multidisciplinary management and the role of molecular analyzes for better knowledge of very rare tumors (Mappyacts, Micchado studies). ” Dr Daniel ORBACH, Institut Curie, Paris (France)


“Immunotherapies and cell therapies: an immense hope and a challenge for research for an effective development in childhood cancers.” Pr Véronique MINARD, Gustave Roussy, Villejuif (France)


“We continue to fight against this disease with a new chemo treatment associated with nivolumab to attack cancer cells once again with the ever-present hope of a cure for Maleaume.” Céline Bizeul, mother of Maleaume


“There is now a real dynamic for precision medicine to become a reality in the care of children and teenagers with cancer: at Amgen it is a priority and the molecules are more systematically and more rapidly developed in pediatric cancers with a well-identified molecular abnormality. ” Nathalie VAROQUEAUX, medical Director, Amgen France


“Novartis has been involved in oncopediatrics for several years and has implemented a number of measures to improve access to innovation. Whenever possible, we are setting up clinical trials in specific indications for children and we are expanding the inclusion criteria from adult trials to teenagers. ” Lamia BOUDIAF, medical Director, Novartis Oncology France


“ Our study found many financial or psycho-social difficulties for families and children to participate in clinical trials. Solutions remain to be found. ” Sylvain BESLE, sociologist, University Claude Bernard, Lyon (France)


“ 6 March 2021 : in France, 3 children die every 2 days from cancer. What date can we project so that every Child, Teenager, Young Adult with cancer can be cured? ” Frédéric BROCHARD, collectif GRAVIR, Hubert Gouin association – Child & Cancer


” INCa has set up a research consortium on the origins and causes of pediatric cancers which mobilizes 11 excellent research teams to set up a common program around this fundamental research question. ” Alain EYCHENE, Director of Research and Innovation, Cancer National Institute (France)


” The PEDIAC project brings together eleven French research teams with the aim of understanding the causes and origins of the development of cancers at specific ages during childhood, starting from a molecular level to an environmental level. ” Thomas MERCHER, INSERM, Gustave Roussy (France), consortium coordinator


“ Thanks to Mappyacts and Micchado, then to the France Médecine Génomique program, tumor genome sequencing is now entering clinical practice. This is a major step forward for the care of children. There is also great hope for research by including these analyzes in structured databases accessible to researchers and gradually extended to European level. ” Dr Olivier DELATTRE, Director of SIREDO oncology center, Institut Curie (France)


” The France Genomics plan has allowed 130 prescriptions in pediatric oncology on relapse and the opening is underway for children from the diagnosis. Several hundred children will have benefited from a complete genome examination by the end of the year and the data will be made accessible to researchers in a secure environment for carrying out ambitious research projects. ” Franck LETHIMONNIER, Directeur of INSERM (France)


“ The European Plan to defeat Cancer wants to put pediatric cancers at the center of attention. One of the main ways is of course through research. But we also need to carry out an ambitious revision of the regulations on pediatric and orphan medicinal products, guarantee equal access across Europe to care, expertise and clinical research, and improve the quality of life after illness. ” Pr Véronique TRILLET-LENOIR, Member of the European Parliament


” The rapid implementation of a long-term follow-up structure both in the field of care and research is a priority. This questions the budget dedicated to pediatric oncology in France’s ten-year strategy. ” Pr Virginie GANDEMER, Président of SFCE (France)


“ The ten-year cancer strategy in France, what will change for childhood and teenager cancer? ” Virginie COUSSY-CHARRET, Collectif GRAVIR, President of Lisa Forever (France)


” The establishment of transdisciplinary strategies in the face of pediatric cancers should allow us to move forward in understanding the appearance and functioning of these cancers, taking into account the context of genetic predisposition as well as the environmental exposure of children. ” Catherine DEROCHE, Senator of Maine-et-Loire, President of the Social Affairs Committee at the French Senate


“ Thank you all for your participation in the FAST e-Conference. Thanks to all of you, clear actions are taking shape to move faster in the understanding and treatment of pediatric cancers. We will continue to mobilize all our energies to hopefully enjoy one day a world with Children without Cancer. ” Patricia Blanc, President of Imagine for Margo