A very nice race « Saint Do for Margo »

A great day dedicated to solidarity was organized for the 1,400 students of the Saint-Dominique Institute (Mortefontaine). Awareness raising was carried out by the « CE2 » to « Terminale » classes, closed with a great “Saint-Do for Margo” race on the 7th of March. This one allowed to collect more than 13 000 € by counting the prom of high school students (400 €) which was dedicated to us!

This day would not have been possible without the meeting with Laurence, Bertille, thanks to Marie-Bernard and Caroline and the wonderful mobilization of Valerie and Clotilde to pastoral care. We would also like to thank the director Bernard for his warm welcome, the Dominican sisters and Marie-Bernard, Cathy, Caroline, Sabine and Franck for their precious help.

Go, Fight, Win

course saint do for margo