Each year, 2,500 children and teenagers are diagnosed with cancer in France. For 20% of them, there is still no treatment to cure them. Their only hope: progress in research.

Faced with these intolerable and unbearable figures, it is important to change the situation. Imagine for Margo has worked, since its creation in 2011, on the entire medical course of children; from the announcement of the disease to the proposal of new treatments, from diagnosis and relapse (see infographic). The goal: to heal more and heal better.   

At the dawn of its tenth anniversary, Imagine for Margo has already co-financed more than 35 innovative programs, 28 new treatments and 10 clinical trials in Europe while helping and bringing well-being to families of children with cancer.

Through its action and its holistic approach, Imagine for Margo has contributed to considerably changing practices in the management of pediatric cancers. The association has also accelerated access to innovative treatments to increase the chances of recovery for these little warriors.

Although there is still a long way to go, the progress achieved in 10 years gives us hope of one day living in a world with children without cancer.