Boosting research

For 5 years, the association Imagine for Margo has financed Innovative research programs aimed at finding new specific treatments for children and teenagers with cancer. We are at the center of decisions of the whole academic, pharmaceutical and association environment, with a global strategy which is not limited to financing only: we gather the energies of all concerned actors to push things forward in France and in Europe.


To actively and efficiently develop new medicines for children and teenagers with cancer, a pluri-disciplinary platform called “ACCELERATE” has been implemented. The latter, created at the initiative of CDDF, SIOPE and ITCC as part of a European project, gathers researchers, doctors, pharmaceutical laboratories, European regulators and associations of parents, a whole ecosystem with which we are closely working. Imagine for Margo attends the Management Committee of ACCELERATE. Four working groups are gathered to select the most effective molecules, facilitate access of children under 18 to clinical trials of adults, increase the investment of laboratories and think about a new business model to develop pediatric medicines. Imagine for Margo co-steers working groups on investment of pharmaceutical laboratories and the implementation of a new business model.


The implementation of target therapies is a real medical revolution and it is therefore essential to alert, inform and train all actors on the changes to come. Thus, we must improve communication with families and doctors on the existence of clinical trials, train doctors to new techniques and information about possible treatments, find tools to be faster and, of course, increase research-dedicated funds. Imagine for Margo represents patients at the SFCE (French Scientific Counsel of fight against Cancers and leukemia of children and teenagers). The association also participated in the working group on precision medicine implemented at the end of 2016 and co-manages the committee for implementing an artificial intelligence tool that would target best possible treatments.