Childhood cancer – “The WIN… we all hope for it!” – Eleanor’s mother lion

Cancer - combat de Blandine et Aliénor

Today, Blandine, the lioness mom of Aliénor, shares her story with us. Four years ago, this mother learned that her little girl, then 3 years old, had a brain tumor.

From the announcement of Aliénor’s diagnosis at Necker Hospital, where she felt powerless, to the hoped-for “WIN” that we all aspire to… there is only one path: the progress of research.

For a few minutes, immerse yourself in the battle of this family by watching the video below:

In 2023, 80% of children with cancer can be cured. However, every year, unfortunately, there is still no viable treatment for 500 children in France and 6,000 in Europe.

Today, we all have the power to act and offer a complete victory to the thousands of children fighting against the disease.

By making a donation to Imagine for Margo, you help us heal all the little warriors of France!


Since 2011, Imagine for Margo has made research against cancer in children, adolescents, and young adults a top priority. In 12 years, we have dedicated more than 20 million euros to research, co-financed 51 European programs, and facilitated the development of 28 new treatments benefiting over 3,000 children in Europe.

You can find all research programs against pediatric cancers by clicking here.

In parallel, our association is committed to improving the well-being of sick children by organizing activities and funding projects in hospitals. Our team also provides support and accompanies more than 500 families.

It is by maintaining our mobilization, all together, that we can, one day, live in a world where children no longer suffer from cancer.

If you want to contribute to research and participate in building a world without cancer in children, feel free to make a donation by clicking here. Every gesture counts in our fight for life.