“Children without Cancer” Race 2015


On Sunday 27th September at Park Saint-Cloud in Paris, the 4th edition of the race “Children without Cancer” took place organized by Imagine for Margo.

This fourth edition was a brilliant success: nearly 2.500 runners, more than 100 volunteers and 21.000 donors, of which you are one, allowed us to raise an incredible €1,022,000 for research into children’s cancer.

The scientific community was present and they were greatly moved to see the cause that they work for on a daily basis so enthusiastically embraced by so many people.

All funds collected from the race will help finance a clinical trial called “eSMART” which aims to analyse children’s tumours, to find their Achille’s heel and to propose targeted treatments to eradicate them as well as propose medical treatment for children who have a recurrence of their cancer.

Click on the albums or the video to relive some images of this magnificent day. Where words struggle to describe, these images can speak volumes.

A huge THANK YOU to all the runners, their many donors mobilized, all our volunteers and our generous and faithful partners.

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