Congresses and lectures

Understanding, analysing, sharing experience, exchanging, suggesting, mobilising: we are everywhere to defend our cause and accelerate decision making and acts to promote research. Even since the association was created, we have been taking part and intervening in major congresses and lectures on paediatric cancer, in France and abroad.

The key moments are the international conferences (SIOPE, ACCELERATE and CCI).

In France we intervene in specific areas like immunotherapy or at the French National Cancer Institute (INCA meetings, PAIR paediatric) or during work groups at the French Ministry of Health (Paedatric regulation) or at the Scientific Council of the SFCE (precision medicine).

These numerous exchanges are essential to be prepared for the great changes currently happening in oncology, to better anticipate constraints and deeds, to take part in the strategy and in the new dynamic in childhood cancer, to allow children to benefit as soon as may be of the new treatments (precision medicine, immunotherapy) and not to be forgotten by Research.


Imagine for Margo, at the heart of actions and decisions to accelerate Research.