Pediatric oncologist, Curie Institute After medicine studies in Germany, Gudrun SCHLEIERMACHER has been trained to be a pediatrician specializing in pediatric oncology in France and in Great Britain. She wanted to deepen her knowledge in biology and molecular biology of pediatric cancers and therefore could work in the laboratory of Dr Olivier DELATTRE at the Curie Institute for her science thesis. Expert doctor, pediatric oncologist of Centers of Fight against Cancers, she has actively contributed to the activities of the Pediatric Oncology Department of the Curie Institute. She is very committed in research, especially neuroblastoma, at national and international level. She is strongly involved in translational research to integrate knowledge of molecular biology of pediatric cancers in new therapeutic approaches. As head of a translational research team, she focuses especially on genetic alterations of tumor cells identified thanks to new sequencing technologies and their changes in time. She also contributes to national programs of molecular characterizations to orientate onto specific treatments.