Her disease

Margaux-bandeau « Hello, my name is Margaux, I am 14. One day, without any warning, my life has switched. I have been diagnosed an aggressive brain tumor which is called a glioblastoma (Malignant GlioNeuronal Tumor). I have now to fight every day against this thing in my head ».

This is what Margaux wrote in her call for fundraising to help research in August 2009.

February 14th, 2009
After 5 days of headaches and vomiting, we learn the terrible news. The diagnosis given by her doctor at Gustave Roussy in Villejuif is already very bleak : glioblastoma, grade 4, inoperable, diffuse, metastases in the spine and malignant cells in the cerebrospinal fluid. Doctors say that they will try 2 sessions of chimiotherapy and after we will see… After 4 sessions of chimiotherapy, there are no more malignant cells in the cerebrospinal fluid and the tumor has slightly decreased. It is operable. Hope is back.

June 18th, 2009
The operation went well. About 70% of the tumor was removed and we hope that radiotherapy will remove the rest. Against all expectations, on june 29th, only 10 days after this important operation at Necker, I take Margaux and 5 of her friends for 2 weeks of happy holidays at Barcarès, near by Perpignan. Magic moments that she fully enjoyed before she starts 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy. Margaux looses her hair as well as sensitivity in her whole left side.

Septemper 2009
Margaux is back to school ! She is so happy to see again her friends and teachers. No more chimiotherapy, a short break before the MRI mid-october. The MRI is good, doctors talk about remission and about a maintenance treatment. It is relieved but very careful, that we go to New York to enjoy holidays for Halloween, to see our friends from FASNY, to attend the New York marathon run by her daddy.

December 25th, 2009
Christmas dinner at Barcarès. And this terrible phrase « Daddy, I see double »… We immediately go to the hospital in Perpignan and, in connection with Gustave Roussy, they give Margaux big quantities of cortisone. Nevertheless, we go skying at Font Romeu and spend the New Year’s Eve at the squirrel chalet with our friends. Margaux wants too much to go there and we want her to enjoy every possible moment.

January 4th, 2010
Back to Paris : she has a relapse. The disease is back, even more aggressive. A new operation at Necker and a new treatment is prescribed. All her left side is now paralysed and she has to be in a wheelchair. Nevertheless she keeps a tremendous will to fight, she wants to carry on school to pass her « brevet » exam, she gets a 16/20 at the road safety test, she attends every appointment with the physiotherapist, ergotherapist, kinesiologist, through which she can stand up again and even walk a little bit by herself. She keeps on smiling, having sense of humor, and is always paying attention to others, her family, friends, relatives. The huge moment of generosity and solidarity raised by her fund collection to help Research (largest private collection on the internet in France) and all the messages that she receives, and in particular the Facebook Group « running for Margo » drive her to continue her fight and are a huge support. We try everything : homeopathy, phytotherapy, magnetism…) and we contact the most famous doctors in many countries (United States, Belgium, Germany, China, Israël…) trying to find innovating treatments or clinical tests.

April 2010
Margaux is getting more and more tired. Our family meeting in Antibes, then Club Med in Palmyre,  are her last holidays.

May 7th, 2010
Back in Gustave Roussy where we are told that nothing else can be done to stop the disease. We go back home with Margaux and organise hospitalization at home. Slowly Margaux will fall asleep, surrounded by her close family. We will accompany her with all our love until her last breath at Poissy hospital, on June 7th 2010.