Your action against childhood cancer

Acting as a firm to make us better known and collecting funds.

Reduction of the IS of 60%, capped at 5‰ of you turnover (net of taxes).

•Funding one of our projects for the hospitals

•Make a donation to contribute for research

•Organizing an event with a collection

•Select a solidary product

•Mobilize a team, define a sports challenge and make a collection (individually or by team)

•Take about your commitment, our cause, with your clients and partners.

Contact us to study a partnership, the best adapted to the values and budget of your firm!

Action by individual or association to make people aware about us and to collect funds!

•Organizing an event

Schools, associations, theatre companies, individuals: organise a raffle, a sports tournament, a show,…

• Organizing a collection

A personal challenge, a march, an anniversary, a farewell pot: create your personalised collection page on , a 100% secure site, with electronic tax receipt (donations are deductible up to 66%)

Contact us before starting your initiative, we will advise you with pleasure to that your project is best led.