P.Blanc prend la parole

Intervention at the European Parliament in Brussels on 7 February, 2012, during the International Day of Children’s Cancer

Imagine for Margo mobilises to modify the European regulation so to allow children affected by an incurable cancer the access to therapeutical innovations.

Our presence had as target to raise the awareness and to interpolate the MPs on the difficulties concerning the application of the European Regulation on paediatric drugs.

In fact, although this regulation -intended to facilitate the access to new drugs- is a formidable hope, the heavy administrative procedures and the multiple interpretations made by the member states, have caused, as a result, that the number of anti-cancer drugs has not increased and that the vast majority of children where therapies have failed see their access to innovative drugs being denied.

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That is an opportunity to make a different in 2012, as the impact of the Regulation is being revised!

«Patricia Blanc (FR), President of the association Imagine for Margo has brought her testimony in front of a multi-disciplinary audience about the tragic experience with her daughter, and has plead in front the European regulators so that they encourage the Pharmaceutical industry to create innovative drugs for children with cancer”

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G Vassal et P Blanc

P Blanc, Imagine for Margo et G Willmott, membre du Parlement, Présidant la Commission

Parlement Salle de Commission