On the road to 2022

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Our priorities for the year 2022!

Funding research to heal more and better

Financer la recherche contre le cancer des enfantsIn 2022, we will fund even more fundamental, translational and clinical research, via our European Fight Kids Cancer call for projects, which will be increased from 3 to 4 million euros, and the research programs selected by the Scientific Council of the SFCE . This will be made possible thanks to our Children without Cancer races in Saint-Cloud and La Défense, the Rallyes du Coeur, and other wonderful events organized by our loyal volunteers and ambassadors, as well as the development of our corporate partnerships. Our priority objective remains the same: to accelerate research in order to cure more and better.

Mobilize and federate players in France and Europe

Mobiliser et fédérer les acteurs de la rechercheIn 2021, with our associative and academic partners, we have integrated pediatric cancers into the priorities of the first European Cancer Plan, the Horizon Europe Cancer Mission and the ten-year cancer strategy in France. Our priority in 2022 will be the concrete implementation of measures and obtaining dedicated funding thanks to the mobilization of all stakeholders (politicians, manufacturers, academics, institutions and associations) to both better understand cancers , and also get new treatments faster. In particular, we invite you to come at our FAST conference on February 12, 2022 to find out more about this mobilization.
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Raise awareness of the cause of childhood cancer as widely as possible

Every year since 2014, we have conducted a major national awareness campaign on the occasion of International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15. Thanks to the generosity of the media, we will renew our campaign in 2022, which allows us to reach millions of French people every year.

Improve the well-being of children and their families

Améliorer le bien-être des enfants et de leurs famillesWith the COVID-19 crisis, we got closer to families, who were even more isolated with the absence of hospital activities. We now follow 350 families to whom we offer many activities. In 2022, in response to requests from hospitals that need it so much, we will expand our support for families but also to the financing of equipment and work in hospitals throughout the national territory.