Margaux died on June 7th, 2010 of an aggressive brain tumor. She was 14 years old.

For 16 months, shefought hercancer with remarkable courage. She keptherradiant smile and remained more concernedabout others than she was about herself.

In March 2009, Margauxinitiated a fund raisingcampaign which generated an immense outpouring of generosity and solidarity.  103 000 Euros wasgiven to the pediatric team at the Institute of cancer research GustaveRoussy in Villejuif enabling them to finalize their study ofhigh grade gliomas.

« Go, Fight, Win »is the message of life fromMargauxthat we found in her exercise books after her death and that we want to convey through the association.

In November 2011, we created the association « Imagine for Margo-children without cancer » to pursue Margo’s initiative by leading  activities to increase awareness and collect funds insupport  European research on specific, innovative and more effective treatments for children affected by cancer.

So that one day, we can “Imagine” a world of « children without cancer ».