Seminar FAST

On February the 10th we will be meeting at the Senate in Paris for our 5th annual seminar on research, to Further Accelerate Specific Treatments for children with cancer. 

Our seminar FAST will be the opportunity to discuss the hurdles and progresses of research in childhood cancer with all relevant stakeholders : doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, institutions, politicians, associations and parents. 

Why attending the seminar FAST ? 
– To discover and better understand the progresses of research in childhood cancer  
– To find out about the roles and responsabilities of the main stakeholders in pediatric oncology research
– To follow the progresses of the research programs funded by  Imagine for Margo, thanks to the generosity of thousands of donors
– To identify the current hurdles and discuss about solutions to accelerate the research  
– To testify, support and participate in the “FAST” momentum 
Click here to check out the detailed program of the day (in French).
If you want to know more about the event and attend, you need to contact us writing to