The largest private collection on the internet in France!

Realised from august 2009 to november 2011 to the benefit of the Pediatric Research Team of Gustave Roussy in Villejuif.

Donations collected : 103,335 € – 446 donors

Hello, my name is Margaux, I am 14.
One day, without any warning, my life has switched.
I have been diagnosed an aggressive brain tumor which is called a Glioma (Malignant GlioNeuronal Tumor).

I have now to fight every day against this thing in my head.

I am lucky to have close to me a wonderful family as well as an extended family of friends and relatives who help me a lot in this difficult fight.
I am also lucky to be followed by the Pediatric Team of the Institute of Oncology Gustave Roussy.

But my disease is hard to cure and it is important that we can find quickly a treatment. The team of Doctor Jacques Grill, one of my doctors, is currently working on researches on this type of tumor.

We need your donation to help them in those researches.
On my behalf and on behalf of all the other children affected by this disease, we thank you in advance for your generosity.

Thank you !

June 7th, 2010 – Resumption of the collection by Floriane, Margaux’s sister :

Hello, my name is Floriane, I am 11.

When I learned thay my sister had a brain tumor, I thought that whatever happens, she will remain strong, nice and courageous. Now that she has gone, and that her tumor has been removed, it is as if Margaux was here, asleep.
I have been told, many times, that she was an angel and that she would make us some signs.

And that is true. The night she has gone, I was outside, there was a star shining just above the house. The more I was thinking that it was Margaux, the more she was here. She was my sister and will remain forever.

I think it is important to make a donation to help research, because she has been fighting, keeping smiling, enjoying life and the good times, while she was physically diminished, even in a wheelchair.

When I saw her after she left us, she had a smile on her face, and for me this was meaning that she had gone to heaven, peaceful, beautiful, free, with her left side back that the disease had taken away. This meant also that she would keep an eye on us, on me, who will honor her until the end of my days.

Margaux, the more donations we will collect, the more we will be able to say that, even if you have gone, there are many people who will keep on fighting against the disease and that children will be cured thanks to you and to the love that you spread.

I love you and I am proud to have had a sister so strong and courageous like you.

You are the best !



Thanks to your donations, a first cheque of 55,000 euros remitted end of october 2009 has allowed helping to finalize the classification of high-grade gliomas, realised by the pediatric research team of Doctor Jacques Grill at Gustave Roussy.

A presentation was made during the American Society of Clinical Oncology, in Chicago, in June 2010. Last donation from Margaux for Research will have been her tumor.

Thanks to your donations, we hope that all the children with high-grade gliomas can benefit from personalised treatments and can one day all be cured.

Thank you !

Additional funds have allowed Doctor Jacques Grill to continue his analyses on samples of tumors and thus, contributing to the discovery of a major advance in the treatment of Gliomas.