The Rally of Pioneers

The Rally of Pioneers is a historic rally that only collects vehicles used for events such as PARIS / DAKAR , Morocco Rally … before 2000.

The start was in FOURAS (near Royan) to reach LASSOERS (near Narbonne) is 2.100 km through the beautiful roads of our country. This event was followed by France 3 Region and various magazines.

Jean-Louis Gallois and his co-driver David made this rally the 18th of September. They collected 3.030 euros for Imagine for Margo by means of their fundraising page.
Together they accomplished their project with their Range of 1981, important date since it because is from the same year that the two men know each other!

Here is an extract from a beautiful message of Jean-Louis on his fundraising page:

“Dear Donors,

The collection for Imagine for Margo will close soon.
Thanks to your donations, we collected more than 3.000 euros in few months.
On behalf of the association, I wanted to tell you THANK YOU.
Thanks for your support, before and during the rally as well. Rolling for a noble cause has brought more soul to this adventure.
Thank you again and well done for a world without cancer.


CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to Jean-Louis and David for their energy and so much generosity !

Go, Fight, Win !

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