28 September 2014 – Third Race « Children without Cancer »

Ready, steady, go! The third edition of the race “Children without Cancer” will take place on Sunday, 28 September 2014 in the grounds of the “Domaine National” of Saint-Cloud.

The Imagine For Margo Team is preparing an extraordinary day for you all!

Register now on www.enfantssanscancer.com

Why are we running this year?

Like every year, the contributions from the race will revert in full to support the research and funding of therapeutic projects of the ITCC European network (Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer). We will fund the European therapeutic trials BIOMEDE against the gliomas infiltrating the cerebral trunk. There has been no therapeutic advance whatsoever in the last 30 years. This trial represents a unique trial in the world, with a biopsy from the diagnostic and a targeted treatment, allowing for a personalised medicine. We will also fund the complete biologic analysis of the tumours in children.

To discover the project 2014 with Dr Grill, click on the image.
The projects 2012 and 2013.

Thanks to your donations in previous editions, you have permitted the start in Europe of the VINILO trials (gliomas of low grade), the deployment outside England of the Beacon trial (neuroblastoma), and the funding of a network of functional imagery that will allow for a better analysis of the Beacon results, becoming a unique international infrastructure for other research projects by the ITCC

For the progression of the projects by Dr Grill, click on the image.
To know more about the progression of VINILO (project 2012), click here.
To know more about the progression of the project BEACON (project 2013), click here.