“Madame la Ministre de la Santé, it is urgent to put in place specific measures to develop the research on children’s cancer. Find here our proposals. Which place do you keep for these measures in the framework of the Plan Cancer 3, currently under discussion?”

This is the oral question posed to the Minister by the Senator for Yvelines Alain Gournac, who is a strong supporter of Imagine for Margo, followed by the response of Madame la Ministre Escoffier (representing Mme Marisol Touraine).

The text in its integrity published on the Official Journal

The video of the session

After our meeting at the Ministère de la Santé in March 2013 with Mme Catherine Bismuth, advisor to the Minister, and forwarding our proposals on the Plan Cancer, this question at the Senate allows us to go on with our efforts to alert the government on the urgence of putting in place measures contributing to develop a specific research on children’s cancer.

The response by the Minister does not satisfy us, since we seek concrete and precise answers, but a discussion after the session with Mme la ministre, has allowed us to reinforce our message.

The next step is in September at the Assemblée Nationale, thanks to the support by the Député des Yvelines Pierre Morange.