Buying solidary

Transform your internet shopping into a solidarity act!

The website welcomes Imagine for Margo as a referenced solidarity association! gives access to more than 800 partner brands in all consumption sectors. So when you buy eg a book, appliances, or you shop for food or book your holiday or professional transportation, think!

How does it works?
· Open an account on SolidaireAchat (the subscription is free, without commitment and can be cancelled at anytime!)
· For each purchase via SolidaireAchat website on partners’s websites, about 7% of the paid price will be automatically transferred onto your SolidaireAchat account.
· When your account is credited of at least €20, you can decide to donate it to Imagine for Margo! We will then send a tax receipt to you.

To subscribe on is to make your purchase on the internet a solidarity act! You can help us finance real projects which will help paediatric research and support sick children and their families!


Go, Fight, Win