Childhood cancer: discover Jean-Eudes’ story

Cancer - combat de Jean Eudes et Aliénor

A few days ago, Blandine, mother of Aliénor, shared her daughter’s struggle with you. Today, her husband, Jean-Eudes, shares his story with you.

In 2020, Jean-Eudes was confronted with the news that his 3-year-old daughter had cancer. After 14 months of cancer treatment, Aliénor won her battle. Today, this little 7-year-old warrior has resumed a “normal” life. Playing the piano, laughing with friends, going to school and spending time with her family are all part of her daily routine.

Discover the testimony of this lion daddy:

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Childhood cancer research: a priority for us

Every day, 100 children in Europe begin their fight against cancer. For 20% of them, the only hope remains the progress of research. In order to cure all children and reduce the side-effects of treatment (2/3 of cured children suffer serious side-effects), Imagine for Margo is mobilizing and raising funds to finance the most innovative research programs.

Indeed, the lack of funding and synergies is holding back pediatric oncology research. European cancer research is essentially focused on adult cancers, as pediatric cancers are considered rare diseases. It is estimated that only 10% of children and adolescents in Europe have access to innovative treatments. It’s to change this situation that we are taking action with our donors, partners and all the volunteers who help us.

Since our creation in 2011 by Patricia and Olivier Blanc, we have allocated over 20 million euros to research and co-funded 51 programs enabling the development of 28 new personalized and less invasive treatments.

Our main objective is to find a cure for the 100 types of pediatric cancer that exist. At the same time, we are raising awareness among the general public, mobilizing key healthcare players at all levels (from local to international), and following the progress of over 500 families to whom we offer enchanting interludes during their battle.

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Together: GO, FIGHT, WIN for a world with cancer-free children!