Children’s cancer: read Alison’s testimony

alison cancer I4M

Alison is the mother of three boys, including Louca. At the age of 7, her son was diagnosed with leukemia, the most common type of childhood cancer.

Following this announcement, Alison went straight into “superhero” mode to accompany and support her little warrior in this battle.

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When it comes to childhood cancer, you too have a superpower.

At the end of this year, become the superhero of all these little warriors by making a donation to Imagine for Margo.

Accelerating research into childhood cancer: Imagine for Margo’s priority

Since the association was founded in 2011, over 20 million euros have been raised thanks to the generosity of kind-hearted individuals and companies. All of these funds have been allocated to 51 innovative research projects in France and Europe, enabling the development of 28 new personalized and less invasive treatments. Find out more about all the programs funded here.

While curing all children, teenagers and young adults is Imagine for Margo’s main objective, improving their daily lives is also one of our missions. Today, our team accompanies and supports over 500 families in their fight against cancer.

You too can wage war on cancer by making a donation here and spreading the word.