The 3rd Strategic Forum by ACCELERATE

The 3rd Strategic Forum organized by ACCELERATE, on the 5th and 6th september, at the EMA (European Medicine Agency) in London was a unique opportunity to have together academics (doctors and researchers), pharma industries and biotechs, regulators from EMA and FDA and parents representatives from both Europe and USA to discuss best immunotherapies treatments available today and developments in progress.

“Immunotherapy is a very promising treatment for adults cancers, but not yet for children. During those two days, we had some very constructive exchanges and we openly shared informations on first results of clinical trials and existing molecules. We discussed how to accelerate access to the best available treatments for children. With more than 1100 immunotherapy treatments in development today, we, as parents representatives, to make sure that children are not left behind and that the best choice is being made for the children ” said Patricia Blanc, our chairwoman who was attending the meeting with Susan Weiner from Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy (USA).


3rd strategic forum organized by ACCELERATE