Since the start of the crisis in Ukraine, all the members of the Gravir collective, which Imagine for Margo is part OF, have been talking with the government and coordinating with CCI Europe, UNAPECLE, St Jude and the doctors of the SFCE in order to allow all the little Ukrainian warriors to continue their fight against the disease.

S'unir pour l'Ukraine Imagine for Margo


In order to welcome all children with cancer, Europe and the United States are getting organized together. Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United States… international solidarity is at work. The objective: to repatriate all the children and their families to allow each little warrior to continue their treatment.

Operations are carried out under the control of CCI-Europe and St-Jude via the “SAFER Ukraine” virtual command center. The latter coordinates evacuations and guarantees the continuation of treatment for pediatric oncology patients. The process includes figuring out transport logistics and identifying high-risk patients whose condition is deteriorating. The SAFER Ukraine team and volunteers translate medical records, coordinate departure trips and manage transport logistics across borders. In addition to the above efforts, teams have also set up a clinic in Poland allowing patients to rest and recover from evacuation while waiting to be assigned to a clinic for further treatment.

Each government, in conjunction with associations, such as Imagine for Margo, and doctors then allow children with cancer to be transported to hospitals so that they can peacefully resume their fight against the disease. Today, this solidarity system has made it possible to evacuate several hundred children and their families.


On March 21, as part of European cooperation, 22 children with cancer and leukemia arrived in France, accompanied by their families. These children are the first patients received by France as part of an emergency solidarity operation.

The repatriation was organized in coordination with the government, the French Red Cross, doctors from the SFCE, UNAPECLE, CCI-Europe and the associations members of the Gravir collective. This operation is “a first” and “there will be others“, as stated by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, who came to the airport in the company of the First Lady, Brigitte Macron, and the Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs , Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

Vlada, our big-hearted Ukrainian volunteer, was present upon their arrival to welcome, reassure, inform and support all Ukrainian families. The children were then cared for in 8 pediatric centers in 8 cities and an emergency aid and reception plan was put in place. Vouchers for food, housing, clothing… all daily needs are managed by the latter.

A huge THANK YOU to all the people who support this operation, to the associations, to the volunteers, to the Ukrainian translators and to Professor Jean-Hugues Dalle of the Robert Debré hospital and to Dr Pablo Berlanga Charriel of Gustave Roussy who went all the way to Poland in order to support children and their loved ones.

We also particularly thank Vlada Brumelot who coordinated, on behalf of Imagine for Margo, the arrival, distribution and daily organization of all the families by making herself totally available.

During this period, we are and remain mobilized by their side so that they can continue their fight against the disease. If you too would like to participate and help these families, we invite you to visit the CCI-Europe website by clicking here.