Manifesto of the PPE group for children’s cancer

The European commitment continues to make the fight against cancer a priority, and contribute to making children no longer forgotten by research! Last April 25th, the PPE group, European Parliament’s largest group of deputies, published an ambitious manifesto to fight against cancer, with a special focus on pediatric cancers, so that “no other children die of cancer in 20 years from now”.

The PPE especially requires that the budget allocated to research on pediatric cancers is multiplied by ten by 2024. Regarding pharmaceutical policy, the PPE also requires that the regulatory framework for children with cancer is improved. As a conclusion, the PPE reminds the necessity to reinforce cooperation for research, especially for children.

SPECIAL THANKS to the European deputy Françoise Grossetête, Vice-president of the PPE group, who has supported our cause for many years within the European Parliament, and to all members of the PPE group for their commitment. Associations of Unite2Cure encourage other political parties to support the Manifesto. GO, FIGHT, WIN!

Download the Manifesto here