Our main missions

Our main missions

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children with 1 child in 440 diagnosed before the age of 15.  These numbers have been increasing by 1% to 2% a year for the past 30 years. With 60 different types, these cancers remain “rare diseases” so research for new treatments is not financially profitable for pharmaceutical companies. Today only 2% of cancer research expenses are allocated to children. Consequently, most of the medicines administered to children are « off label », that is medicines developed for and tested on adults, and not officially authorized for use in children. This situation is unacceptable, so that is why we have decided to mobilize with for our main mission, development of European researchon innovative and specific treatments to help children in their fight against this disease.  « With I4M we wish to give a boost to research on childhood cancer». 

Our objectives

Collect funds

To help finance specific research programs that focus on findinginnovative and more effective treatments against pediatric cancers.

Raise government awareness

And push for changes in European legislation in order to obtain dedicated funding for pediatric research and reduce the administrative burden blocking treatment innovation.

Promote collaboration between researchers

Pharmaceutical industries, legislators and parents’ associations to speed up research on pediatric cancers and long-term follow-up of children and adolescents.

Help families and children hospitalized with cancer

And improve their well-being during treatment.