SEMINAR 2017 : « Towards a targeted research on children’s cancers »

On 28th January, took place our 4th seminar “Towards a targeted research on children’s cancer”.

All major players in the cause of childhood cancer were present, including doctors, researchers, institutions, politicians, associations and parents. We have been able to show that a strong dynamic has started with new and particularly innovative research programs of targeted therapies. We need to continue to seek further, alternatively, and to collaborate differently to find new sources of funding in order to accelerate the access to innovation. It is also necessary to prepare for profound transformations that this new approach to medicine will make.

The main actions to be taken following the seminar :

– TO FACILITATE access to clinical trials to reduce inequalities in the territory and loss of opportunity for children (global trial register, free transport and accommodation)

– TO ANALYZE and TO INTERPRET patients’ data more efficiently and find the best treatments possible thanks to the implementation of a tool to aid decision

– TO MUTUALIZE and TO INCREASE funding sources for research

– TO REDUCE the administrative amount of time of regulatory and ministerial authorities

– TO CONTINUE our mobilization to improve pediatric regulation.

Programme colloque 2017