Children Without Cancer Run 2023: A 12TH EDITION OF ALL RECORDS

(c) Aurélien Avril


Like every year since 2012, the last weekend of September in GOLD is, for Imagine for Margo, dedicated to the great Children Without Cancer solidarity race. Indeed, on Sunday September 24, 2023, within the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud and connected, from Cuba to Marseille via all of Europe, a blue and pink wave broke out against childhood cancer.

With nearly 6,200 big-hearted runners and walkers on the starting line of the race (on site and remotely), a record for this event, everyone came together to accelerate research against pediatric cancers.

Thanks to their mobilization, the generosity of more than 22,000 donors and numerous partners, a superb record check of €2,310,000 was presented to the researchers.

This sum will be supplemented by those collected during other races organized the same weekend in Luxembourg, Belgium and for the first time in Spain by the partner associations of Imagine for Margo. In total, more than 4.3 million euros will be allocated to research into pediatric cancers via the European call for projects Fight Kids Cancer.

“Thanks to the mobilization and support of our partners, donors and runners, we have once again brought Margo’s message to life: “Go, Fight, Win!” » Indeed, every year now a blue and pink human tide surges, on the last weekend of Golden September, against this scourge which affects more than 35,000 children and adolescents in Europe. It is by continuing to act together that we will defeat the disease and that we will be able to move towards a world with cancer-free children.” – Patricia Blanc, Founding President of the Imagine for Margo association.

With this 12th GOLD edition, we offer the 35,000 families who every day accompany their little warrior in this fight for life additional hope of healing.


With 5,200 runners and walkers present at the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud and nearly 1,000 connected all over the world, this Sunday, September 24, 2023 was placed under the sign of hope in the colors of Imagine for Margo. Bathed by the sun and the morning dew, the participants present began their solidarity day as soon as the village opened, at 8 a.m., with some activities and a show by Manu Massabova, BMX champion, and breakdancing with the French Wingz, before warming up with our fabulous sports coaches from Swedish Fit Omar, Magali, Clémence and Anaïs.

At 9:30 a.m., participants connected in France, Germany, England and even Cuba… joined the race LIVE to experience this day of hope live. Melvie, the LIVE host who co-hosted this edition for the second year in a row, gave a guided tour of the village to the remote participants. In the program ; visit to the tattoo stand, live exchanges with the runners, photos, discovery of the teams… everything was done so that the connected experience was exactly the same as in Saint-Cloud.

Meanwhile, our host Daniel called on all the runners and walkers in Saint-Cloud to meet him at the starting line. After some safety instructions and speeches from our founders Patricia and Olivier Blanc, all participants were able to discover messages of encouragement from Sarah Ourahmoune and Mehdi Frère, godmother and sponsor of the race. These two athletes, fans of running, had put on their best sneakers to take part in our race against childhood cancer.

At 10 a.m., a guard of honor, set up by our big-hearted godmother, the Republican Guard, faced the runners before giving them the start. On the course, participants were able to enjoy the Republican Guard quintet and many other activities. Those connected could follow two live sports classes if they could neither run nor walk. Emilie, a TrainMe coach, gave a cardio fitness class followed, a few minutes later, by a Zumba class by Ricco and Amy.

After meeting their sporting challenges, our thousands of big-hearted participants, in Saint-Cloud and online, followed a stretching session. This moment of recovery then gave way to a collective moment where participants and personalities followed the wild dance steps of the star dancer and host of Dancing with the Stars, Chris Marques.

Our best collectors were then rewarded for their exceptional mobilization.

Vianney and Mentissa did us the honor of performing the music “Imagine” by John Lennon to pay tribute to the little warriors who fight against illness and to all our stars who shine in the sky… We were all gathered for and with them!

It was then, after a crazy clapping under the drums of the Republican Guard, that the superb check for €2,310,000 was given to the researchers.

Our solidarity event closed with a fabulous concert by Vianney and Mentissa and an exceptional show by Chris Marques and his talented troupe. The Children Without Cancer participants were able to dance, sing and enjoy this moment of communion after the multiple efforts they made throughout the year to accelerate research.


THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU, dear runners, for your INCREDIBLE mobilization and THANK YOU to all your donors. It’s thanks to you that research against childhood cancer is moving faster!

Thank you to the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud for its welcome.

Thanks to KCO for the logistical organization of this event and its efficiency.

Thanks to Daniel GAÏNETDINOFF and Melvie PAILLET for hosting this 12th edition.

Thank you to the Republican Guard, our big-hearted godmother, for doing us the honor of giving the start and more particularly to Colonel LEHEUP for his presence. Thank you to the riders and the musical group of the Republican Guard for being by our side and for providing entertainment along the race route.

Thank you to our godmother, Sarah OURAHMOUNE, and to our godfather, Mehdi FRÈRE, for their presence and their commitment.

Thank you to VIANNEY for his loyal support of our association and all these emotions transmitted.

Thanks to Mentissa for transporting us with her sublime voice.

Thank you to INOXTAG for its presence to support our fight.

Thanks to Chris MARQUES for his support and generosity and to his troop “Parso on danse show” for this wild show.

Thank you to the KRETZ family for participating in the race.

Thank you to the researchers for being with us.

Thanks to Omar and Magali, Swedish Fit coaches, for leading the warm-ups and stretching.

Thanks to Manu MASSABOVA for the BMX demonstration and to the breakdancers from French Wingz.

Thanks to Emilie from TrainMe as well as Ricco and Amy for their LIVE sports classes which delighted the connected runners.

Thanks to the Wolfpack Cheerleaders, the « Les Plaies Mobiles » brass band, the Brasis batucada, the Ernestophone brass band, the ESPCI brass band, the « Les Blindi Nasty » brass band, the Capoeira de Reda, the musical formation and the Guard riders republican for the entertainment on the course.

Thanks to the « Mains dans la Main » association for the animation of the children’s village, to the Hambur’Game association for the organization and provision of a video games area in the village and to Let the party begin for the cotton candy. Thanks to the students of Medicine University of Paris for the creative workshop

Thank you to the osteopathy schools of CEESO and Ostéobio for their care.

Thanks to Com FX for the cups, to the Name of the Rose, to El Cortador, to the « Palais des Thés » and to the Chapelin FRETZ for the lots offered to our best collectors.

Thank you to the entire LIVE volunteer production team for their exceptional mobilization and particularly to Claire, Delphine and Christophe.

Thank you to the entire Gravity Media production team and especially to Clément.

Thanks to the 3.0 production company for capturing the images today in order to produce the film of the upcoming race.

Thanks to the Alvarum team for the collection platform and LIVE from the race.

THANK YOU to all our partners thanks to whom we can donate 100% of the donations collected to research and to our media partners who allowed us to publicize the race:

Thank you to all our big-hearted volunteers without whom this 12th edition would not have been possible and thank you to Beauty Success for giving them a little gift!


See you next year, Sunday September 29, 2024!

GO, FIGHT, WIN for Children without Cancer!