The research moves forward

The first promising results of MAPPYACTS and AcSé-ESMART were presented at the ASCO – American Society of Clinical Oncology – annual conference in Chicago, in June 2019. Imagine for Margo has cofinanced these two programs giving 1.720.000€ to MAPPYACTS and 1.832.000€ to ESMART.




MAPPYACTS allows children in relapse or with therapeutic failure to benefit from innovative and targeted treatments, depending on the molecular or immunological anomalies identified in their tumor or leukemia. To date, 600 children could benefit from this advanced analysis of their cancer. 

Thanks to this personnalised approach, a potential therapeutical target could be identified for 70% of the children. Recently, two molecules, the entrectinib and the laroctrectinib, could be offered to children with the anomaly TRK, whatever their cancer : the response rate, respectively 100% and 94%, are real success and very promising for children with therapeutic failure. These very promising early results confirm the importance to continue the analysis in the MAPPYACTS program.

Dr Gudrun SCHLEIERMACHER, main investigator of  MAPPYACTS, speaks about MAPPYACTS that is progressing :


ESMART permet aux enfants en rechute ou en échec thérapeutique de bénéficier de traitements innovants et spécifiques à leur tumeur ou leucémie, quel que soit leur cancer, grâce à l’identification d’anomalies génétiques ou moléculaires dans des programmes tels que MAPPYACTS. Ce programme unique au monde en pédiatrie a déjà permis de traiter 101 enfants avec des molécules innovantes, de manière personnalisée.

Le Dr Birgit Geoeger, investigatrice principale du programme ESMART, nous parle des avancées du programme :


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