Micchado trial


This trial was co-financed with the Children without Cancer race of 2016

MICCHADO – Molecular and Immunological Characterisation of High risk Childhood Cancer at Diagnosis


About Precision Molecular Medicine

Research projects, some of which have been funded by Imagine for Margo, have helped to better understand the biological mechanisms behind the development and progression of childhood cancers. These mechanisms, as well as the genes involved, vary from patient to patient. Each tumor is unique, has its own molecular profile, and contains specific alterations. It is therefore a priority to target these alterations as early as possible, especially for high-risk childhood cancers.



MICCHADO aims to perform a comprehensive molecular analysis, including immunological factors, of high-risk tumors in children from diagnosis, to better understand and characterize treatment resistance in these severe pediatric cancers. Using advanced technologies such as high-throughput sequencing, these analyses will allow a better understanding of the escape mechanisms and resistance to first-line treatments. Blood samples taken during patient follow-up, in addition to the initial comprehensive sequencing, will allow for very precise, real-time monitoring of tumor evolution. All these molecular analyses will enable, in comparison with low-risk tumors, the identification of biomarkers and factors that will better predict the tumor’s progression and its microenvironment. This allows for more targeted and tailored therapies to be provided to patients based on their dramatic evolution, as some children included in this protocol have been integrated into MAPPYACTS (link).

This project has generated a large amount of biological, immunological, and genetic data and finds its place in national and even international big data sharing projects, with the goal of integrating data from precision medicine programs such as MAPPYACTS, MAPPYACTS 2, or France Genomic Medicine. In this regard, Imagine for Margo has also contributed to the recruitment of bioinformaticians within the Pediatric Cancer Big Data project (link).

Project Summary:

Sponsor: Institut Curie

Principal Investigator: Dr. Gudrun Schleiermacher

Program Duration: 2018 – 2026 (5 years of recruitment)

Recruitment: 580 patients

Countries Involved: France (3 main centers: Institut Curie, Gustave Roussy, and Centre Léon Bérard, as well as the 30 centers of the SFCE).

Funding by Imagine for Margo: €1,200,000


Doctor Gudrun Schleiermacher speaks about the program :