Ruben, a little warrior in remission, tells us his story

Our mobilisation for Golden September, month dedicated to childhood cancer, continues with this video of Rubens story, made by students from the French 3D school Pole 3D, with the voice of Ruben himself.

Ruben, 9 years old, tells us about his courageous fight against cancer. Diagnosed of leukemia at the age of 7, Ruben has to go through many painful treatments during several months. A difficult time during which the support of his parents and nurses is very precious. Thanks to the generosity of a young German donor, Ruben benetifs from a bone marrow transplant that makes the disease disappear! Ruben is now in remission and can enjoy the normal life of a young boy: he can practice judo, he can play football with his friends, he can go to school and spend time with his family!

Ruben will run at the 2018 Children without Cancer race on Septembre the 30th for the other little warriors, in order to help the researchers finding new treatments to better cure children with cancer: a beautiful testimony of generosity!

 THANK YOU to RUBEN fo having accepted to talk about this difficult time of his life. THANK YOU to the students of the school Pole 3D in Lille for making this beautiful video, to JOYCE who started and coordinated this project and to ANTOINE for the music.

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