Essai AsiDNA sur les gliomes de haut grade


A Phase Ib/II study of AsiDNA™ in association with re-irradiation in paediatric high-grade glioma

This trial is co-funded by the Enfants sans Cancer 2020 race and was selected following the Fight Kids Cancer call for projects that we launched in January 2020. Learn more


About High-Grade Gliomas

Pediatric brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related mortality in children. Diffuse midline gliomas are the most common and severe form of malignant gliomas in children and adolescents (between 50 and 100 new cases are expected each year in France). Most affected children die within two years of diagnosis.

Unfortunately, for high-grade gliomas, surgery is often impossible, and radiotherapy remains the standard treatment. This therapy is supposed to cause significant damage to tumor DNA, leading to cancer cell death by apoptosis. However, DNA repair mechanisms exist and mitigate the effects of radiotherapy.

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About AsiDNA

Phase 1b/2 Study of AsiDNA in Combination with Re-irradiation for Children with High-Grade Gliomas

This trial aims to study the efficacy and toxicity of a new drug, AsiDNA, against pediatric high-grade gliomas. This molecule is believed to inhibit the tumor cells’ ability to repair their DNA after radiotherapy sessions. AsiDNA consists of DNA fragments that trick the tumor cell into thinking its genome is much more damaged than it actually is. This molecule was given in combination with re-irradiation sessions to enhance the tumor cell death process induced by their inability to repair their DNA.

The Institut Curie was the first center to open and welcome the first patient (May 27, 2022). By March 2023, 8 patients had been enrolled. Despite this new treatment and re-irradiation, the disease unfortunately continued to progress in these 8 patients, and their biological parameters did not improve. It was thus decided in July 2023 to stop the trial. A final report and publication are expected in 2024. Additionally, the manufacturer has ceased production of this compound and is currently developing a new pharmacologically more active form, which is hoped to be more effective.


AsiDNA Project Summary

  • Coordinating Investigators: Drs. François Doz and Fouzia Azzouz
  • Program Duration: January 2021 – January 2024
  • Recruitment: 8 patients
  • Countries Involved: France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany
  • Funding: Fight Kids Cancer: €406,000, including funding from Imagine for Margo: €252,760


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