Imagine for Margo at the 2019 AACR in Atlanta

Patricia Blanc, our President who recently became a member of the AACR* Pediatric Working Group, participated, during 5 days, at the 2019 annual AACR congress in Atlanta (USA). This meeting gathered the experts in pediatric oncology research worldwide.   

*American Association for Cancer Research


Ou President could participate in four meetings of the Pediatric Committee, with two main objectives for 2019 :

  • increase synergy between the new European and American pre-clinical platforms in order to test new treatments
  • reinforce collaborationn with the United States in order to accelerate new treatments development for children with cancer

During one of the AACR public session, Patricia Blanc presented Imagine for Margo’s role within the ACCELERATE platform that gathers associations, doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical companies and regulators (EMA, FDA) with one single objective : ACCELERATE the development of new treatments for children with cancer.

Priorities for the research in pediatric oncology were shared at the end of the congress as follows :

  • the importance of studying the full genome in order to better undertand and identify cancer anomalies
  • the importance of making a molecular analysis of tumors and leukemia especially at relapse
  • the difficulty to find the weak point of pediatric cancers (and if it is identifies, there are very few adapted treatments available)
  • the need for implementing transversal therapeutical trials with targeted treatments
  • the need to share pediatric data
  • the need to use data to accelerate treatment access

This confirms the direction and efficacy of the strategy we have taken with Imagine for Margo to finance the research : 

  • better understand childhood cancers at relapse with MAPPYACTS but also at diagnosis with MICCHADO and BIOMEDE for high risk tumors
  • better target treatments with several therapeutical trials and in particular AcSé-ESMART, unique in the pediatric oncology field
  • prepare for data sharing with the ITCC BIG DATA program in order to make better analysis and findings