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Imagine for Margo actively participates in revolutionizing research for treatment of pediatric cancers. Children and teenagers must have access to new treatments and must not be forgotten by the research.
Our financing programs have enabled to accelerate access of children to precision medicine to better understand and better cure pediatric cancers.


With 60 different types of cancers, pediatric cancers remain rare illnesses and are not financially interesting for pharmaceutical laboratories. Like Margo, many children are therefore treated with adult medicines, neither tested nor authorized in pediatrics, that doctors adapt to the weight and characteristics of children.

• Cancers of adults are different from children’s cancers.
• Children are not tiny adults.
• All the current innovations for adults (target therapies, immunotherapy, etc.) must benefit to children without delay.

We therefore give researchers the means to boost research to find innovative and more effective treatments against cancers of children and teenagers. Our financing programs have enabled to accelerate access of children to precision medicine with the aim to better understand and better cure cancers of children and teenagers.



It means finding the weakness of the tumor and target the best possible treatment. It also consists in having a molecular and immunologic analysis thanks to the complete sequencing of tumors.

We have financed the launch of major transversal programs for the complete sequencing of tumors (all kinds of cancers and leukemia), both in relapse and upon diagnosis.

The programs that we finance
MAPPYACTS : sequencing tumors of all children in relapse
MICCHADO : sequencing all high-risk tumors upon diagnosis
BIOMEDE : sequencing of brainstem gliomas

First successes of financed programs:
Louis’ story* brings hope for the MAPPYACTS project:
“Louis*, 11, has been diagnosed with a very rare sarcoma that was growing fast despite current treatments. Thanks to MAPPYACTS, we have succeeded in finding an anomaly in his tumor and proposed a new medicine. Quite fast, the tumor has died, Louis is in partial remission and went back to his family.” *name was changed Dr Birgit Geoerger, head of the program MAPPYACTS.

First promising signs for BIOMEDE project (brainstem gliomas):
“We already have children who started the treatment, that are still among us. Many of them are doing fine although the treatment started more than 2 years ago. However, the median, which is half of children suffering from this illness, die within 1 year and the other half dies during the following year. Having children among us since the beginning of the trial therefore gives us much courage and hope.” Dr Jacques Grill, head of the BIOMEDE program


It means proposing better adapted, better targeted and therefore more effective medicines.

We have financed therapeutic trials on most frequent and most aggressive pediatric tumors, and the world’s first trial of target therapies and immunotherapy for all kinds of cancers and leukemia.

The programs we finance
ACSé-ESMART : : world’s first, all relapsed cancers
BEACON : neuroblastoma
VINILO : low grade gliomas
BIOMEDE : brain stem gliomas, and extension to treatment of tumors of the thalamus and tumors of cord

First successes of financed programs
BEACON : has become the standard protocol for neuroblastoma
VINILO : has become the standard treatment for some low-grade gliomas (children’s most frequent brain tumors)
BIOMEDE : discovery of new treatment targets and extension to tumors of the thalamus and the spinal cord, in addition to brainstem gliomas.
PARC : cancers et leukémias in relapse


Trials co-financed by the Children without Cancer race:

Other projects financed by Imagine for Margo:

  • Thesis on the development of osteosarcomas, Dr Sarah Morice, CHU Nantes
  • Mapping and new target therapies on children’s sarcomas, Dr Marie Castets, Centre Léon Bérard, Lyon



Professor Gilles VassalDoctor Gudrun Schleiermacher
Doctor Jacques GrillProfessor Gilles Vassal
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